In this section, I want to explain to you why the Royal Marines Training Podcast is the most valuable asset in your preparation to join the Marines.


Fully submerge yourself n your commando preparation

I know first hand that when you prepare for something big… I mean something life-changing you have to give it your all. You have to completely surround yourself with what you are doing. The RMT podcast allows you to listen and engage through your mobiles devices in the car, gym or on the move.


As it is - How it is - No Bull S***

I have no hidden agenda… In fact, I don’t want any knobber joining the most elite fighting force in the world. That just waters down my pride… I won’t hide behind recruitment jargon or bull s***. I’ll tell you how I see it… even if it’s not what you want to hear.


From the horse's mouth

I spent over 13 years as a Commando in the Royal Marines and you get all that experience PLUS centuries of top tips and advice from the huge network of Bootneck Experts I regularly tap into.


Become part of a something much bigger than you

The Bootneck Blueprint community is on the up. Originally started as a way to finance my counselling as I struggled to resettle after leaving the Marines, the Bootneck Blueprint community and the Royal Marines Training blog now help thousands of people earn their green beret and live their dreams.


Recruit your mind as your greatest ally

Nowadays I coach thousands of people to Think, Eat & Move through fitness and nutrition, but my main focus is working on the top 6″ of your body!!! I’ll include mindset tips and tricks to help you convert your lazy teen brain into the mind of a winner!


Exclusive access to experts

I am constantly on the look-out for information that will help you. I am chasing down Bootneck war heroes and Royal Marines with interesting shizz to tell. You concentrate on listening and implementing the tricks and trust me to get you good fuel for your brain!

Tonnes of free shit…

I will also be giving away £££ of free shit as and when I can which includes ebooks, worksheets, premium interviews and audio files and even places on my PRMC Preparation Course…


Here are what our friends are saying.

This page is great for giving you all the correct advice needed throughout the process of becoming
a royal marine. I've paid for the bootneck blueprint and its worth every penny, in my eyes its a
must have. I would also strongly advise getting onto youtube and taking a look at all the videos.
Thanks very much keep the great advice coming!

Anth Goodings
Really useful page, good laugh at times but seriously good tips when they count. I've taken the advice
from beginning my app to now getting a PRMC date and hopefully the Renegade
Bootneck's tips will come in useful into RT and maybe even into the
Corps afterwards!

Richard Holt
As raw as it gets, good info and advice from someone who has been there done that. On the way to my
training sessions I listen to the Podcasts and get first class advice and tips
and the occasional high

Kurt Baxendale
Top advice. Bought the Bootneck Blueprint and its worth every penny in the long run, even more so if you've just started the process.
I didn't need all the recruits/psychometric tests as I'd already done them, If I'd known about the Blueprint before hand I would've
saved money on buying test books etc. Even if you don't buy the Blueprint then all the free advice in the Podcasts and Facebook page are bill.
I'm at PJFT stage now so just hammering dread mill, yeah it's not inspiring stuff really but the Blueprint keeps me on target and my mind on
achieving the green lid! Keep up the good work mate appreciate it.

Tom Haruk

RoyalMarineTraining.com Helping You Create A Commando’s Mind, Body and Spirit.